Illegibles; 2 Comments

illegibleThis little problem has been puzzling me for some time. It’s from an account book compiled in 1597, and it’s a double disaster–an illegible name and a deletion. Get your eyes in, there is some serious glory to be won here!

Latin Homework

Illegibles; No Comments

Professor Stephen Orgel of Stanford owns an edition of Horace with annotations that will require a skilled eye to decode… two sample images below. Roll up, roll up!

Another ownership inscription

Illegibles; No Comments

Why can’t people learn to sign their names more clearly? It’s the second line of this inscription which is causing headaches…

Illegible signature

Illegibles; 2 Comments

Can anyone read this? Just the signature, not the rest!

Illegibles; 3 Comments

Marie L├ęger-St-Jean has come across three instances of illegible annotation, in the course of curating her Penny Bloods project (www.english.cam.ac.uk/pop/). Post any replies, please!