“Being Interdisciplinary in Animal Studies: a Postgraduate Symposium”: Abi L Glen Presents Paper

Image credit: University of Strathclyde http://www.britishanimalstudiesnetwork.org.uk/FutureMeetings/BeingInterdisciplinary.aspx
Image credit: University of Strathclyde

This AHRC-funded, invitation-only symposium, organised by the University of Strathclyde, takes place in Central Glasgow on May 18-19 2016.  Abi L Glen presents a paper on the importance of, and difficulties in navigating, the synthesis of art historical and literary approaches to medieval animal studies.

The symposium takes place just before the next British Animal Studies Network meeting and will bring together academics and current postgraduate research students to discuss three key issues at the heart of the field: interdisciplinarity and animal studies; teaching and animal studies; impact and animal studies.