Dr Sophie Seita awarded a Cambridge Humanities Research Grant

Image credit: Lex Bijoux Indiscrets or Paper Tigers

Dr Sophie Seita was awarded a Cambridge Humanities Research Grant (£1500) for the development of My Little Enlightenment Plays—a project that blends academic research, performance, and publication. Its aim is to present innovative performance research in innovative formats to an academic and non-academic audience. The project explores forms of collaboration and experiment in contemporary avant-garde performance practice, and will take as its initial case study Seita’s own series of experimental performance texts titled My Little Enlightenment Plays, which bridge performance art, poetry, essay, and translation. The pieces draw on or rework a number of Enlightenment writings in English, French, and German, from tragedies, melodrama, philosophical treatises, to (pseudo-)scientific tracts of the period.

For information about the Cambridge Humanities Research Grant Scheme, go to http://www.csah.cam.ac.uk/Research/CHRGS