Lotte Reinbold rediscovers etchings by William Bell Scott illustrating ‘The Kingis Quair’

Image credit: Lady Jane Listens to the Nightingale, etching by William Bell Scott

Lotte Reinbold (Graduate Student, Faculty of English and Robinson College) has rediscovered a series of etchings by the Pre-Raphaelite artist William Bell Scott, illustrating the Scots dream poem The Kingis Quair.  Scott undertook the etchings after painting frescoes illustrating the poem in Penkill Castle, Ayrshire, but only printed a very limited number of copies, and these have gone unnoticed by medievalists until now. The copy of the etchings acquired by the Rare Books Room at Lotte Reinbold’s request is dedicated to Alfred Lord Tennyson and demonstrates a level of engagement with the medieval past, and particularly the medieval Scottish past, that has previously been understated.  An article by Lotte Reinbold about the etchings will be published in Studies in Medievalism XVII  in 2018.