Dr Sophie Seita performs at the opening of an art exhibition on Post-Truth, CRASSH, 9 March 2018

Image credit: The Ayotzinapa Case: A Cartography of Violence, 2017 © Forensic Architecture

Sophie Seita will perform ‘Making Light: In the Temple of Formidable Hypotheses’ for Reality Machines, an exhibition curated by Dr Mara Polgofsky (Queens’), at CRASSH, 9 March 2018, 7pm. The performance is part of the exhibition preview and opening reception.

The exhibition and catalogue feature work by:
Forensic Architecture
Virginia Colwell (USA)
Máximo Corvalán (Chile)
Alejandra España (Mexico)
Angelo Ferreira de Sousa (Portugal)
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mexico & Canada)
Alejandro Luperca (Mexico)
Joana Moll (Spain)
Camila Moreiras (US & Spain)
Sophie Seita (UK & Germany)
Charles Ogilvie (UK)