Trudi Tate organised two summer courses for Literature Cambridge: Virginia Woolf’s Gardens, 14-19 July 2019 and Fictions of Home: Jane Austen to Contemporary Refugee Writers, 21-26 July 2019.

Image credit: photograph of Dr Trudi Tate

The courses were attended by people from all over the world, with lectures, seminars, supervisions, talks, and visits to places of literary interest around Cambridge. Teachers included current and past Faculty members Oliver Goldstein, Alison Hennegan, Karina Jakubowicz, Isobel Maddison, Suzanne Raitt, Corinna Russell, Trudi Tate, Clare Walker Gore, and Kabe Wilson.

Next year’s summer courses in July 2020 will be on Woolf’s Women and on Reading the 1920s.