Announcing an Experimental Criticism Symposium and the Launch of Manifold Journal’s Inaugural Issue

Manifold is celebrating the launch of their inaugural issue by hosting a symposium on Experimental Criticism that will run for seven weeks, starting Jan 21st.

The panels will take place every Thursday from 1-2pm EST/6-7pm BST. To register for the events and for more information:

Contributors of the first issue of Manifold will be joined by writers from the cohosting presses – Nightboat Books, the87Press, Spamzine Press, Pamenar Press, diSonare and Beyond Criticism (BC Editions). The symposium will end on March 4th with a publishers forum, moderated by Jennifer Scappettone, to discuss potential forms and disseminations of experiments in critique.

A lot of care has been invested into the curation– coedited by Emma Gomis (University of Cambridge) and Jenny Cookson (University of Colorado), and designed by Tatina Vázquez (Mexico City). The inaugural issue features work by: Sophie Seita, Jordan Scott, Kazim Ali, Adra Raine, Ronaldo Wilson, Andrea Quaid, Julie Carr, Colin Dayan, Jim Miranda, Lindsay Turner, Cristina Rivera Garza, Robin Myers, Peter Szendy, Mark Harris, Madelaine Caritas Longman, Jeffrey Pethybridge, Ella Longpre and Edwin Torres. The cover features artwork from Camp Printing by Rosmarie Waldrop. It is available to order in physical or digital copy via

Please support this new initiative by attending the digital symposium and purchasing the inaugural issue!