New Online Resources for Essay Writing Skills

Four online study skills resources for first year students have been created for the English Faculty by the Transkills Project. They address various aspects of essay writing and include:

How might I interpret an essay title?

How do I produce a well-structured essay?

How do I manage the process of producing an essay?

How do I write in an appropriate academic style?

They are also accessible through the English Faculty Website and the new Transkills website.

These online resources are intended to help new students make the transition between school and university. Recognizing the diversity of students’ approaches to learning and supervisors’ teaching preferences, the resources aim to avoid a single prescriptive approach, and instead offer a student-centred, flexible range of strategies to explore. The material was developed in conjunction with academic and library staff from the Faculty of English to reflect the requirements of the subject and the teaching context.

We hope that students will find the guidance helpful and approachable, and that Directors of Studies and Supervisors will find the resources a useful addition to their teaching.