Publication of ‘Echoes of Paradise: Milton’s Epic and the Art of Response’, edited by Dr Ned Allen

A new creative-critical book entitled Echoes of Paradise: Milton’s Epic and the Art of Response has been published in a limited edition.  In a series of essays – on satire, children’s fantasy fiction, slave narrative, painting, and radio drama – the book tells some of the stories of Paradise Lost‘s enduring influence; but the book also showcases a range of new responses to the poem in the form of music and poetry.

Poems by Jack Belloli, Michael Edwards, Sarah Howe, Helen Mort, Ruth Padel, & Rowan Williams.

Music by Edwin Hillier.

Essays by Ned Allen, Jean-Michaël Maugüé, Sophie Read, Christopher Ricks & Chris Townsend.

Read more about Echoes of Paradise here.