Diarmuid Hester publishes ‘Nothing Ever Just Disappears: Seven Hidden Histories’ (Allen Lane/Penguin, 2023)

Image credit: ‘Nothing Ever Just Disappears: Seven Hidden Histories’ by Diarmuid Hester. Published by Allen Lane/Penguin.

A new book by Dr Diarmuid Hester (Emmanuel) explores a queer sense of place in twentieth century literature and art by examining the lives and works of figures such as EM Forster, Josephine Baker, Claude Cahun, James Baldwin, Derek Jarman, and others.

‘With originality and subtlety, Diarmuid Hester examines how the gay imagination deals with place and with displacement, allowing for mystery and a kind of magic’ — Colm Tóibín

‘Hester’s liberating, flexible and highly imaginative perspective on queer creativity, and the spotlighting of often under-explored queer creatives, will no doubt ensure the staying power of this new work.’ — i News

‘The great gift of this book is to offer access to optimism, in these late and shadowed days.’ —The Irish Times