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Biographical Information

I am Professor of Medieval Literature and Manuscript Studies, Fellow of St John’s College, and the Academic Director of The Cambridge University Library Research Institute (CULRI).  Before coming to Cambridge, I was at Leicester and before that I covered research positions at Oxford, Birmingham and Leeds. I am a member of the Center for Material Texts, an affiliate member of Stanford Text Technologies and Cambridge Digital Humanities

Research Interests

My research focuses on the intersection between the study of medieval literature and texts c. 1100-1500, Chaucer, and the digital humanities. I am interested in studying manuscripts and materiality. I also work on editorial practices of medieval texts, codicology, paleography, and scribal production techniques. More broadly, I am interested in social and cultural ideas of change as part of a wider holistic framework for the study of medieval literature.

I have published in diverse media such as digital editions and ebooks as well as in traditional academic forms. I am the editor of The Dd Manuscript: A Digital Edition of Cambridge University Library, MS Dd.4.24 of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and the author of Paper in Medieval England: From Pulp to Fictions. I edited several collections of essays, more recently I have co-edited the Cambridge Companion to Medieval British Manuscripts, with Elaine Treharne (Stanford)Building on the 'Mapping Paper in Medieval England Project', I am now working on a project provisionally entiled Paper in Time and Space. A codicologically focused project which re-considers the significance of paper for dating and localising the hundreds of paper manuscripts which were produced in England before the advent of print. This project formed the basis of my Sandars lectures (2020-21), entitled 'Paper Past and Paper Future' and dovetails with the 'Thinking Paper' Project, which I co-direct with Dr Suzanne Paul (CUL). A parallel project, currently under development, relates to how networks of knowledge are created in medieval book production and Chaucer's library/ies.  

I have also worked on how digital technologies and models can be integrated with the study of medieval manuscript culture. I have participated and directed large digital humanities projects, such as 'The Production and Use of English Manuscripts:1060 to 1220', and AHRC funded project which explored handrwitten culture in the early medieval period.  In the Manuscripts Online Project, co-directed with Michael Pidd (HRI, Sheffield), the team looked at ways in which a very large and diversed body of online primary data, relating to written and early printed culture in Britain during the period 1000 to 1500, could be integrated and searched from one portal. The Manuscripts Lab builds on this experience and brings together students and colleagues to explore the powerful connection between teaching and research in Manuscript Studies. I am involved with the Quadrivium Project, and more recently with the Hackathon. I was a recipient of the Technology-Enabled Learning Programme pilot projects (2019-20) in collaboration with Huw Jones and  James Freeman (CUL).

In my research, I acknowledge the generous support of the British Academy (Mid-Career Fellowship); the Cambridge Humanities Research Grant; The Research and Collection Programme (Cambridge); The Association for Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections (Conference Fund); The European Science Foundation (Exploratory Workshops Programme); and JISC (e-Content Capital Programme).

I am the Series Editor, with Holly James-Maddocks, ‘York Manuscript and Early Print Studies’, York Medieval Press, Boydell & Brewer. 

I tweet on Digital Humanities, Manuscripts in Byte Size, Medieval Texts and more: @orietta_darold. Views my own.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

I have supervised a number of postgraduate projects and PhD theses in medieval manuscript studies, medieval languages and textual cultures. I teach on the MPhil in English Studies. If you are interested in the MPhil and medieval research in the Faculty more generally, see

I would welcome research proposals on:

Medieval literature in context, including Chaucer;
Multilingualism in medieval manuscripts;
Authorship, reading-habits and book production (1100-1500);
Manuscript studies (1100-1500);
Medieval material textual cultures, including focused codicological, palaeographical and linguistic studies;
Medieval studies and digital humanities;
Editing and textual studies.

Selected Publications

 Books, E-books and Editions:

  • Paper in Medieval England: From Pulp to Fictions (Cambridge University Press, 2020), ISBN: 978-1-108-84057-6, i-xx, 270 pp.
  • Companion to British Manuscript Studies, ed. with Elaine Treharne (Cambridge University Press, 2020), ISBN: 9781316182659
  • Writing Europe 500-1450: Texts and Contexts, ed. with Philip Shaw and Aidan Conti, special issue for Essays and Studies (2015), ISBN: 978-1-84384-415-0.
  • The Multitext Edition: Eight Manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, The Norman Blake Editions of The Canterbury Tales, ed. with Simon Horobin, Michael Pidd, Estelle Stubbs and Claire Thomson with Linda Cross (HRI online),, ISBN: 978-0-9571022-1-7.
  • The Dd Manuscript: A Digital Edition of Cambridge University Library, MS Dd.4.24 of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, ed., The Norman Blake Editions of The Canterbury Tales (HRI online, 2013), ISBN: 978-0-9571022-0-0,
  • New Medieval Literature, guest ed. with Mary Swan and Elaine Treharne, 13 (2012 for 2011). ISBN 978-2-503-53653-8.
  • E-medieval: Teaching, Research, and the Net, ed. with Elaine Treharne, Special issue, Literature Compass (2012),
  • English Manuscripts before 1400, ed. with A.G.S. Edwards, English Manuscripts Studies: 1100-1700 (British Library Publishing, 2012), ISBN 9780712358835.
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  • Textual Culture, Cultural Texts, 1000-2010, ed. with Elaine Treharne, special issue of Essays and Studies (Boydell & Brewer, 2010) ISBN: 9781843842392.

Electronic Resources

Manuscripts Online,

Articles and Essays

  • ‘Medieval Clerical Culture: The Sociology of Script and the Significance of Scribal Quirks', Speculum, forthcoming July 2024
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