All members of the English Faculty are welcome to the Judith Wilson Studio on Nov 10th, at 7pm, where the *Cambridge Interdisciplinary
Performance Network**[CIPN]*is delighted to be serving as a community ambassador for the Belarus Free Theatre Company, and will be streaming Time of Women 
live from The Young Vic on *Tuesday 10 November*at*19.00*. The free screening forms part of a two-week festival of performances and discussions in London, 
featuring some of the Company’s acclaimed original productions and reinvigorated classics. The screening will also include a post-performance discussion 
with Shereen Nanjiani and Irina Khalip.

Title: */Time of Women/***
Date: *Tuesday,* *10 November 2015*
Time:* Live-Stream starts at 19.00 *(Doors will open from 18.30)
Screening Venue: *Judith E. Wilson Studio *(English Faculty, 9 West Rd,
Cambridge CB3 9DP)
Performance Running Time: *1 hr 25 mins*
Admission: *FREE*

Trailer: **

Performed in Russian (with subtitles)

About the Play:

Time of Women marks the UK premiere of a play about women on the
forefront of a movement for a democratic Belarus, women with an
unflinching and unswerving dedication to the truth. One is Irina Khalip,
the PEN Pinter prize-winning journalist, arrested in Belarus for her
coverage of Lukashenko’s regime and described by Sir Tom Stoppard as,
“the writer I wanted to be”. Another is journalist Natalya Radina who
was also imprisoned after the presidential elections of 2010. Amnesty
International named her a prisoner of conscience and demanded her
release, as did the Committee to Protect Journalists. Today she lives in
exile in Poland and continues to run the Belarusian independent media
portal Charter 97. […] During the Belarus premiere, the apartment
building where the performance took place was surrounded by KGB
informers. A raid didn’t take place as there was a TV crew and British
citizens present. After the premiere the company lost the apartment as a
performance space.”

*Post-Performance Discussion:*

Time: 20.35 – 21.35
Theme: Media Freedom in Belarus and the UK
Facilitator: Shereen Nanjiani
Speaker: Irina Khalip

*Production Credits:*

Script: Nicolai Khalezin and Natalia Kaliada
Director: Nicolai Khalezin
Ensemble: Kiryl Kanstantsinau. Maryia Sazonava, Yana Rusakevich, Maryna
Set & Lighting Designer: Will Reynolds

Performed in Russian with English surtitles.

Time of Women was first performed on 19 December 2014, underground in Belarus.

Developed at Falmouth University’s Academy of Music and Theatre Arts

PS: For further information about Belarus Free Theatre and the /Staging
A Revolution/ festival, visit

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