Renaissance Graduate Seminar


Easter Term 2018

8 May
Jonathan Post (UCLA), 'Walking with Vaughan in /Silex Scintillans/'

22 May
Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (King's College, London), 'Hester Pulter: circles, sonnets, stairs'

Lent Term 2018

5.15pm, Faculty of English

Tuesday, 23 January - GR04
Pat Palmer (Maynooth University, National University of Ireland)
‘“Hollow Caue[s]” and Talking Castles: The Politics of Conquest and Resistance in Irish and English Country-House Poetry.’

Tuesday, 6 February - GR06/07
Matthew Woodcock (University of East Anglia)
'Early Modern Translations of Julius Caesar's Commentaries and the Fashioning of Military Identity’

Tuesday, 20 February - GR06/07
Ceri Sullivan (Cardiff)
'The Playscripts of Early Modern Prayer’

Michaelmas Term 2017

5.15pm in G-R04, Faculty of English

Tuesday, 17 October
Andrew Hadfield (Sussex)
‘Lying, testimony, and murder in early modern England: the case of Annis and George Dell (1606)’

Tuesday, 31 October
Kylie Murray (Cambridge)
‘Elizabeth Melville and the poetics of desire in early modern Britain’

Tuesday, 14 November
Jason Scott-Warren (Cambridge)
‘Distributing Donne’

Easter Term 2017

5.15pm in G-R06/07

Tuesday, 09/05/17
Julie Sanders (Newcastle)
'Fire, flood, ice and inundation: environmental event and narrative description in the early modern period'

Tuesday, 23/05/17
Hero Chalmers (Cambridge)
'Rhetoric and Restoration in Margaret Cavendish's Orations of Divers Sorts (1662)'

Lent Term 2017

5.15pm in G-R06-07

Tuesday, 31/01/17
John Gillies (Essex)
The conversational turn in Shakespeare

Tuesday, 14/02/17 - CANCELLED
Kylie Murray (Cambridge)
Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross (c.1578-c.1640) and the poetics of desire in early modern Britain

Tuesday, 28/02/17
David Hillman (Cambridge)
Farewell as welcome (and vice versa) in Antony and Cleopatra

Michaelmas Term 2016

5.15pm in G-R06-07

Tuesday, 18/10/16
Sue Wiseman (Birkbeck)
‘Wheatcroft’s Written World’

Tuesday, 01/11/16
Andy Kesson (Roehampton)
‘Peculiar houses: building public theatres in Elizabethan London’

Tuesday, 15/11/16
Jonathan Sawday (Saint Louis)
'Bermudas or Bahamas? Andrew Marvell and the Eleutherian Republic’

Easter Term 2015

Dr Regina Schwartz, Northwestern University

Tuesday, 26/05/2015
"The other syde of the lefe": textual surfaces in early modern England
Dr Lucy Razzall
University of Cambridge

Lent Term 2015

The normality of the poet, Gascoigne to Jonson
Michael Hetherington

Radical politics and the theology of Milton's Masque
Debora Shuger

Shakespeare’s voice
David Schalkwyk

Childbirth Poetics in Milton and Pulter
Ruth Connolly

Michaelmas Term 2014

'Epics, objects, and interruptions'
Jane Grogan (University College, Dublin)

‘“Places in the Court”: Gender, Rank and Service in The Duchess of Malfi’
Michael Neill (Auckland)

‘Sir Philip Sidney’s Treatise of Horsemanship’
Micha Lazarus (Cambridge)

'Restful forms: verse form and memory in the lyric poetry of Wyatt and Surrey'
Chris Stamatakis (University College, London)


Easter Term 2014

6 May 2014
'Performing Children in Renaissance England'
Bart van Es (Oxford)

20 May 2014
'Imitatio and Style in the Sixteenth Century'
Colin Burrow (Oxford)


Lent Term 2014

28 January 2014
All is (Not) True: Cymbeline’s Much Ado about Nothing, Noting, (K)not Knowing, and Counterfeiting
Patricia Parker (Stanford)

11 February 2014
'Hail muse, etcetera!'
Laurie Maguire (Oxford)

25 February 2014
'When critics were scholars: literature and the humanities from the King James Bible to the "Battle of the Books"'
Nick Hardy (Cambridge)

11 March 2014
'Editing as "amends-making": James Cancellar and Elizabeth I's Godly Meditation of the Soule'. 
Oliver Wort (Cambridge)

Michaelmas Term 2013

15 October
‘Sermons, Plays and Note-Takers: Hamlet Q1 as a *Noted* Text’
Tiffany Stern (Oxford)

22 October
‘Skill, Style, and Freedom’
Jeff Dolven (Princeton)

12 November
Binding Language in Measure for Measure
John Kerrigan (Cambridge)

26 November‘
Embodying Song in Early Modern England’
Katie Larson (Toronto)


Easter Term 2013

21 May
Ethopoeia: On the Critical Potential of Passionate Character in Tudor England
Lynne Enterline (Vanderbilt)


Lent Term 2013

29 January
Georg Oppitz-Trotman
'Practice in Hamlet: what's the point?’

12 February
Greg Walker
'Witnessing Early Drama: Reviewing the Spectatorial Turn from the Cycle Plays to Shakespeare'

26 February
Margreta de Grazia
‘What Happened to the Secular Renaissance?’

12 March
Lorna Hutson
'Are those circumstances really necessary? Romeo and Juliet'  


Michaelmas Term 2012

16 October
Philip Schwyzer (Exeter)
Shakespeare and the Remains of Richard III

30 October
Noel Sugimura (Georgetown)
Milton’s Passionate Sublimity & His Eighteenth-century Readers

13 November
Andrew Zurcher (Cambridge)
Gift and Condition in King Lear

27 November
Claire Preston (Birmingham)
Trope and Trillo: Robert Boyle's Languages of Science



Easter Term 2012

8 May
Stephen Orgel (Stanford)
Real Places in Imaginary Spaces

22 May
Lukas Erne (University of Geneva)
Shakespeare and the Book Trade


Lent Term 2012

31 January
Charlotte Scott (Goldsmiths)
 ‘”What’s love got to do with it”: Shakespeare’s Sonnets and the Politics of Husbandry’

14 February
Simon Palfrey (Oxford)
'Possible Worlds? Shakespeare, El Greco, Leibniz'

28 February
Ruth Ahnert (QMW)
‘Liberating the Text? The publication of prisoner’s writings in sixteenth century England’

13 March
Laura Levine (NYU)
'Our Mutual Fiend: Reginald Scot and The Exorcism of Analogy'


Michaelmas Term 2011

18 October
Phil Connell (Cambridge):
Milton, James Harrington, and Republican Religion

1 November
Robert Watson (UCLA):
Ego and Eco in Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream'

15 November
Tania Demetriou (York):
Shakespeare’s Nobodies

29 November
Jonathan Hope (Strathclyde):
"I hope there's no fools in the house!" Linguistic exclusion on, and off, the Early Modern Stage


Easter Term 2011

10 May
Ronald Levao (Rutgers):
Shakespeare’s Alter Egos

24 May
Rhodri Lewis (Oxford):
Shakespeare's Clouds and the Image Made by Chance

Lent Term 2011

1 Feb
Joseph Moshenska (Cambridge):
'A sensible touching, feeling and groping': Metaphor and Moderation in Cranmer, Andrewes and Milton

15 Feb
Kathryn Murphy (Oxford):
Thomas Traherne and the Abuse of Hobbes

1 Mar
Helen Cooper (Cambridge):
Shakespeare and the Afterlife of Personification

15 Mar
Nicholas McDowell (Exeter):
How Laudian was the Young Milton? Eloquence and Orthodoxy in Caroline Cambridge


Michaelmas Term 2010

19 Oct    
Gavin Alexander (Cambridge)
Theorising English Poetry in 1599: William Scott’s
"The Model of Poesy"

2 Nov
Luke Wilson (Ohio State University)
Miltonic Utensils

16 Nov
Joanna Craigwood (Cambridge)
Diplomacy, literature, and the poetics of embassy

30 Nov
Cathy Shrank (Sheffield)

'All talk and no action: early modern dialogue'


Easter Term 2010

5 May     
Marisa O’Connor (Chicago)
Why Redistribute? King Lear and the Union of
Scotland and England

19 May  
James Harmer (Cambridge)
Some Moor Latin: Titus Andronicus and the poetics of

Lent Term 2010

27 Jan
Rebecca Lemon (University of Southern California)
‘Shakespeare’s Drinkers’

10 Feb
Emma Smith (Oxford)
‘On sitting down to read Shakespeare's Folio once again’

24 Feb
Sarah Howe (Cambridge)
‘Achilles’ spear: the art of Renaissance epyllion’

10 Mar
Farah Karim-Cooper (Globe Education and King’s College, London)
‘The Poetics of Makeup at the Globe and the Blackfriars Theatres’

Michaelmas Term 2009

21 Oct    
Brian Cummings (Sussex)
Killing Flies 

4 Nov   
Ramie Targoff (Brandeis)
Feigning Passion in the Renaissance Sonnet

18 Nov
Gyorgy E Szonyi (Szeged/Anglia Ruskin)
John Dee: A Renaissance Scientific-Magical-Go-Between

2 Dec
Stewart Mottram (Aberystwyth)
Spenser's ruins and the war in the Netherlands: a new approach to The Ruines of Time


Easter Term 2009

5 May
Michael Schoenfeldt (Michigan)
Eloquent Blood and Deliberative Bodies: The Physiology of Metaphysical Poetry

19 May
Christopher Tilmouth (Cambridge)
Milton's moral imagination

2 June
Michael Wyatt (Stanford)
John Florio's Montaigne and the End of Renaissance Humanism


Lent Term 2009

27 January
Richard Serjeantson (Cambridge)
Samson Agonistes and 'single rebellion'

10 February
Russ McDonald (Goldsmiths College, London)
'Shakespeare and the Suspicion of Style'

24 February
Supriya Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
'Fear of Falling: Shakespeare and the Verticals of Tragedy'

10 March
Trudy Ko (Cambridge)
‘Greene Readers’

Michaelmas Term 2008

21 October
Ewan Fernie (Royal Holloway)
‘Demonic Shakespeare: Passion and Possession’

4 November
Willy Maley (Glasgow)
‘Saxon Agonistes: Milton's History of Britain (1670) and the Lament for a lost England’

18 November
Liam Semler (Sydney)
‘Margaret Cavendish the Liar: A Duchess and a Physician in the Alembic of Learning’

2 December
Deirdre Serjeantson (Cambridge)
'Milton's Petrarch'


16 October
Gavin Alexander (Cambridge)
‘Loving and Reading in Sidney ’

30 October
Sarah Dewar-Watson (Cambridge)
‘"Out of Greake into Englisshe":Tragedy and Translation in Early Modern England’

13 November
Margreta de Grazia (Pennsylvania)
‘Shakespeare's Imperious Sonnets’

27 November
Noel Sugimura (Cambridge)
'Marvell and Mind'

29 January
Christopher Burlinson (Cambridge)
John Stubbs and the Psalms (change of topic)

12 February
Edward Wilson (Cambridge)
Sidney's Arcadia and the Politics of Space

26 February
Michael Witmore (Pittsburgh)
Putting and End to Play: Renaissance Child Actors and the Problem of Counterfeiting

11 March
Beatrice Groves (Oxford)
Is Theft the Ground of your Religion? The Jew of Malta and Early Modern Anxiety

6 May
Nandini Das (Liverpool)
Identity and the trope of imitation in Renaissance English accounts of India

20 May
Colin Burrow (Oxford)
The Literature of the Household

3 June
Jason Scott-Warren (Cambridge)
In Imogen's Bedchamber: Material Culture, Identity, and the History of Reading


Wednesday 11 October, G-R06/7, 5.30
Joint Ren/C&C lecture
Ania Loomba (Penn)
‘Race and Disciplinary Anxiety’

31 October
Sonia Massai ( London)
‘“Gentle Correctors”: Shakespeare in Print Before 1709’

14 November
Patricia Palmer ( York)
‘“An Headlesse Ladie” and a “Horse Loade of Heades”:
Beheading in Time of Conquest’

28 November
Gordon Campbell ( Leicester)
‘Milton and Terrorism’

30 January
Adam Smyth (Reading)
‘Almanacs, Annotators, and Life-Writing in Early Modern England’

Monday 12 February GR06/7
Helen Smith (York)
‘“No darkness can abide before the Sunne”: Imagining Early Modern Women's Reading’

27 February
Catherine Silverstone (Anglia Ruskin)
‘Shakespeare and Trauma: Titus Andronicus and Contemporary Performances’

13 March
Nick Blackburn ( Cambridge)
‘Marks of Woe: Printed Sententiae and the Birth of English Tragedy’

8 May
David Norbrook (Oxford)

22 May
Charlotte Scott (Goldsmiths)

5 June
Douglas Paine (Cambridge)


18 October
John Kerrigan (Cambridge)
'Archipelagic Macbeth'

1 November
Subha Mukherji (Cambridge)
'False Trials in Early Modern Drama'

15 November
Catherine Belsey (Cardiff)
'In Defence of Shakespeare's Lucrece'

29 November
Janel Mueller (Chicago)
'Maneuvering by Mail: Elizabeth I's Correspondence with James VI, 1585-88, and the Question of the Succession'

31 January
Gerald Maclean (Wayne State)
'Milton Among the Muslims'

14 February
Tania Demetriou (Cambridge)
'Spenser and Homer'

28 February
Sophie Read (Cambridge)
'Crashaw’s Self-Reflexiveness'

14 March
David Wootton (York)
'Elizabeth, the French Poem, and the Family of Love'

9 May
Quentin Skinner (Cambridge)
'Shakespeare and Rhetorical Redescription'

Monday 22 May
David Schalkwyk (Cape Town)
'Love and Friendship in Twelfth Night'

6 June
Ayesha Mukherjee (Cambridge)
'Dearth Science 1580-1608: The Writings of Hugh Platt'


19 October
Douglas Trevor
'Milton and Oneness'

2 November
Sylvia Adamson
'New Historicism and Old Philology'

16 November
Rebecca Beale
'Stages of Imprisonment in Shakespeare's Romances'

30 November
Julian Lamb
'The Use/r of Rules in The Arte of English Poesie'

1 February
Michael Neill
'"A woman's service": Gender, Subordination, and the Erotics of Rank in the Drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries'

15 February
David Hillman
'Homo Clausus at the Theatre'

1 March
John Stubbs
'Shakespeare and the Rhetoric of Farfetched Things'

15 March
David Colclough
'Verse Libels and the Epideictic Tradition in Seventeenth-Century England'

10 May
Raphael Lyne
'Memory and Intertextuality in Renaissance Poetry'

24 May
Sharon Achinstein
'Milton's Divorces'

7 June
Helen Cooper
'The Problematics of Lineage: Chaucer in the High Renaissance'


21 October
Deana Rankin
'Women between Worlds: Elizabeth Cary, Eleanor Davies, Katherine Philips, and the "New British Literature"'

4 November
Katrin Ettenhuber
'Interpretive Labours of Love in Donne's Poems'

18 November
Tiffany Stern
'The Empty Space: Lost Prologues, Epilogues, and Songs in Early Modern Playtexts'

2 December
Angus Vine
'The Politics of Etymology: Derivation and National Descent in Early Modern England'

27 January
Brian Cummings
'Hamlet's Luck'

10 February
Bernard Dive
'Ceremony, Grace, and Character in George Herbert'

24 February
Sukanta Chaudhuri
'Drayton and the Canon'

19 March
Faith Lanum Eales
'The Lives of Anne Halkett'

4 May
Lynn Enterline
'Rhetoric, Discipline, and the Theatricality of Everyday Life in Elizabethan Grammar Schools'

18 May
Gordon McMullan
'"The technique of it is mature": Inventing the Late Plays in Print and in Performance'

1 June
Garrett A. Sullivan, Jr.
'Sleep and the Passions in the Old Arcadia'


22 October
Claire Preston
'The Jocund Cabinet: Seventeenth-Century Curiosity, Collecting and Comedy'

5 November
Willy Maley
'British ill done: Shakespeare's Macmorris and a Chorus of Disapproval'

19 November
Amy Morris
'The Truth is Sugar Roll's: Wigglesworth's 'Day of Doom' and the New England Church'

3 December
Jane Partner
'The Lordship of the Eye: Politics and Vision at Nun Appleton''

28 January
Peter Culhane
'Livy and Titus Andronicus'

11 February
Subha Mukherji
'"When women go to law": Female Litigants and Dramatic Realism in Renaissance English'

25 February
John Gillies
'Complicity and Early Modern English Theatre'

11 March
Tom Healy
'"Credo ergo sum": Belief and Identity in the Early Seventeenth Century'

6 May
Peter Stallybrass
'Hamlet and the Erasable Tables of Memory'

20 May
Tom Charlton
'"Raising of Tumults": Radical Print in the Early Restoration'

3 June
Edward Holberton
'"Soe Honny from the Lion came": The 1657 Wedding Masques for Cromwell’s Daughters'


16 October
Will Poole
'Shakespeare and Syntax:  Some Minute Readings'

13 November
William H. Sherman
"Rather soiled by use":  Renaissance Readers and Modern Collectors'

27 November
Andrea Brady
'Blood on their Heads: Spectacular Executions of the 1640s'

29 January
Lynn Hulse 
'Thomas Jordan's Cavalier Songs'

12 February
Christopher Burlinson)
"And all those Woods deface": Edmund Spenser, Industry and Early Modern Space'

26 February
Katharine Eisaman Maus
'Idols and Gifts in Ben Jonson's Volpone'

12 March
Christopher Tilmouth
'The Coherent Argument of Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy'

7 May
Maartje Scheltens)
'Little Willy or Godlike William?  William III (and Mary) in the Public Panegyric of 1695'

21 May
Nandini Das
'Between the Playground and the Chimney-corner:  The Space of Youth in Sidney's Arcadia'

4 June
Eugene Giddens
'"Best is best if never intermixed": Masculinity, Honour, and the Other in Titus Andronicus'


17 October
Pascale Aebischer
'Shrewd or Shrewish? "Steal[ing] out o'th' old plays" in John Lacy's Sauny the Scott: Or, The Taming of the Shrew'

31 October
Andrew Taylor
'Humanism and the Psalms in the early Tudor period'

14 November
Hester Lees-Jeffries
'Reading Fountains: Britomart and Nonsuch in 1590'

28 November
Drew Milne 
'What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted: King Lear and the Dissociation of Sensibility'

30 January
Andrew Hadfield
'Spenser and the Stuart Succession'

13 February
Elizabeth Goldring
'"The Painted Gloss of Pleasure": Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia and the Visual Arts in Sixteenth-Century England'

27 February
Simon Dyton
'The Mysteries of Maiden Lane; or, Where did all the Heretics Go?'

13 March
Alison Shell
'Why didn't Shakespeare Write Religious Verse?  Some Contemporary Reactions'

1 May
J.H. Prynne
'The Neglect of Commentary:  An Example from Shake-speares Sonnets'

15 May
Robert Cummings
'George Herbert Replies to Andrew Melville'

29 May
Germaine Greer
'Rochester's Women:  His Mother, his Lovers, his Wife, and his Niece'

12 June
Gabriel Heaton
'"To bring forth some worke as worthy of your fame, as my ambition therin is of your pardon":  Presentation Masque Manuscripts'


19 October
Patricia Parker
'Mulberries, Moors, and More'

2 November
Kate Bennett
'The Rattlesnake, the Kidney, and the Mummified Bishop: Aubrey's Brief Lives and the Cabinet of Curiosities'

16 November
Nigel Green
'Joseph Beaumont's Psyche: Rebellion and Topical Reference'

30 November
Adrian Poole
'Macbeth and the Third Person'

1 February
Tom Lockwood
'William Gifford and Jonson's The Underwood: Editing as Friendship'

15 February
Philip Edwards
'Pilgrim and Pilgrimage: Complexities of a Metaphor'

29 February
Teresa Grant
'Animals and the History Play'

14 March
Richard Todd
'The Early Circulation of John Donne's Verse in Manuscript in the United Provinces: The August 1630 Translations of Constantijn Huygens'

2 May
Ian Gadd
'The Book and the Bullet: Print and Gun Culture in Early Modern London'

16 May
Jonathan Heawood
'The Law and the Lady: Varieties of Closet Drama in the Late Seventeenth Century'

30 May
Pierre Iselin
'Music and the Politics of Praise in England, 1579-1605'

13 June
Kenneth Parker
'Before "Orientalism": Early Modern English Travellers' Tales of Cultural Encounter in the Near East'


20 October
Robert Wilcher
'Loyal Converts and Professed Royalists: 1641-1644'

3 November
Neil Rhodes
'Articulate Networks: the Self, the Book, and the World'

Tuesday 17 November
Barbara Ravelhofer
'"Beasts of recreacion" – white bears on stage?'

1 December
Colin Fairweather
'Discovering Abuse in the Henry VI Plays'

26 January
Nicholas McDowell
'Sir Thomas Urquhart, the Translation of Rabelais, and the Invention of Republican Culture'

9 February
Andrew Zurcher
'Spenser’s Legal Lexicon'

23 February
Juliet Fleming
'The Arts of Sleep: Lullaby in Early Modern England'

9 March
Thomas Elias
'Music and Copyright in Late-Elizabethan England'

27 April
David Loewenstein
'Radical Puritan Politics and Satan's Revolution in Paradise Lost'

4 May
Lauren Kassell
'"Remember also the storri of Cymbalin"; or is Simon Forman's "Bocke of Plaies" a forgery?'

11 May
Lynne Magnusson
'Gender and Linguistic Capital: The Rhetoric and Reception of Anne Bacon's Epistolary Advice'

18 May
Sophie Tomlinson
'"Naked hearts": Feminising the English Pastoral Stage in the 1630s'

1 June
Andrew Lynn
'Jonson in the Restoration: "Certaine Pisse Pot Lectures"'


21 October
Paulina Kewes
'Collaborative Playwriting in Early Modern England'

4 November
Helen Hackett
'Ladies Errant: Women and Spanish Chivalric Romance'

18 November
Cathy Shrank
'"Paynted in Hys Natyue colours": A Cosmetic Job for a Nation-State in the Works of John Leland (1503-1552)'

2 December
A.D. Nuttall
'Satan's Shield:  Paradise Lost, I:283-91'

27 January
Victoria Burke
'"The Subject was what I had Occasion to Make Use of":  Commonplace Books and Miscellanies Compiled by Seventeenth-Century Women'

10 February
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
'Donne and Scandal'

24 February
Emma Smith
'Sifting Strangers:  Attitudes to European Foreigners in City Comedies, 1598-1617'

5 May
Michael Neill
'"Mulattos", "Blacks", and "Indian Moors":  Othello and Early Modern Constructions of Human Difference'

19 May
Bart van Es
'Edmund Spenser and Political Prophecy'

2 June
Hero Chalmers
'Royalist Women Writers and the Literature of Retirement'


20 October
Martin Dzelzainis
'"In These Western Parts of the Empire": Milton, Bucer and Justinian'

4 November
Gerald Hammond
'The Merchant of Venice and the Jewish Question'

20 November
Katharine Craik
'"Trivial Matters": The Deliberate Imperfections of John Taylor'

4 December
Joad Raymond
'Marvell's "First Anniversary of the Government"'

29 January
David Colclough
'"I mean to Kill your Speaker": Manuscript Miscellanies and the Politics of Speech in Jacobean England'

12 February
Barbara Ravelhofer
'Memorable Masques'

26 February
Mary Morrissey
'Political Preaching: John Donne at St. Paul's Cross and the 1622 Directions Concerning Preachers'

12 March
Rod Lyall
'"Thrie Truear Hairts": Alexander Montgomerie, Henry Constable, Henry Keir and Cultural Politics in Renaissance Britain.'

30 April
Neel Mukherjee
'Grindal's Poetry: Horace, Puritanism, Drant and Spenser'

14 May
John Pitcher
'I Know I Shalbe Read': The How, When and Why of the Samuel Daniel Oxford English Text'

28 May
Maureen Quilligan
'Incest and Agency: Female Authority in the Renaissance'


18 October
Ian Donaldson
'Jonson and the t'other youth'

1 November
Willy Maley
'"This Sceptred Isle": Shakespeare and the British Problem'

15 November
Brian Vickers
'Sir Walter Raleigh: The Ocean's Love to Cynthia'

29 November
Ann Rosalind Jones
'(In)Alienable Possessions: Patient Grisselda, Clothing and the Exchange of Women'

31 January
Jessica Martin
'"Dead Shadows of the Living Voice": Izaak Walton and the Commemorative Text'

14 February
Peter Stallybrass 
'The Politics of Naming in the Shakespearean Quartos and Folios'

28 February
Ben Griffin
'The History Play as the Incompleteness of an Action'

13 March
Georgia Brown
'Complaint and Historical Narrative

1 May
Richard Serjeantson
'Exact Testimony in Earlier 17th Century Prose'

15 May
Paul Suttie
'St George and the Spin Doctors: Getting the Story Right in the First Book of The Faerie Queene'

29 May
Phil West
'Henry Vaughan and the "New Lights": False Saints and Painted Prophets in the 1650s'


19 October
Michael Schoenfeldt
'The Gender of Religious Devotion: John Donne and Amelia Lanyer'

2 November
Margreta de Grazia
'Soliloquies and Wages in the Age of Emergent Consciousness'

16 November
Raphael Lyne
'Drayton's Attack on Ovid in England's Heroicall Epistles'

30 November
Richard Wilson
'The Story of the Eye'

1 February
Jason Scott-Warren
'The Privy Politics of Sir John Harington's Metamorphosis of Ajax'

15 February
Randall McCleod
'Shakespeare Babel'

1 March
James Cannon
'Partisan Strategies and Seventeenth Century Religious Lyric'

15 March
Alan Stewart
'"The Proofe of Frendes": Reading Amicitia in 1548'

3 May
Madelein Form
'Henry Vaughan: Apocalyptic Transformation in the 1650s'

17 May
Subha Mukherji
'"Lawfull Deeds": Consummation, Custom and Law in Shakespeare's All's Well'

31 May
Robin James
'Politics and Allegory in Chapman's The Teares of Peace (1609)'


20 October
Peter Holland
'The Shapeliness of The Tempest'

3 November
Juliet Dusinberre
'"Our Own Hands Against Our Hearts": Much Ado and Sir John Harington'

17 November
John Adamson
'The Politics of Milton's Lycidas'

2 December
Robert Shore
'"Converted in an instant, the Inspiration Way": Abraham Cowley and the English Revolution'

26 January
Jonathan Bate
'Playhouse Practices and Printed Texts: The Case of Titus Andronicus'

9 February
Lisa Jardine
'Renaissance Pedagogy and the Technology of Textual Affect: Erasmus' Familiar Letters and Shakespeare's King Lear'

23 February
Gavin Alexander
'Son of Arcadia: Gervase Markham's Sidneian Affiliations'

9 March
Inga-Stina Ewbank
'Writing for the King's Men: The Case of Thomas Middleton'

27 April
Joshua Preven
'The Patient Hero in Three Early Seventeenth Century Plays'

11 May
John Creaser
'Milton's Lycidas'

25 May
Richard McCabe
'Alienation and Personation in The Shepheardes Calendar'


21 October
Peter Burke
'The Cortegiano in England, 1530-1630'

4 November
Lorna Hutson
'"Husbanded with Modesty": Shakespeare's Accommodation of Terence'

18 November
Nigel Smith
'Mr Hobbes in Love: Romance, Regicide, and the Sexual Contract'

2 December
Anne Barton
'"Wrying But A Little": Marriage, Law and Sexuality in the Plays of Shakespeare'

27 January
Tim Cribb
'Hamlet and Humanism'

10 February
Claire Warwick
'The Heart in Pilgrimage: Richard Crashaw's Poetry - Divine Love and Human Pain'

24 February
Paul Davis
'Dryden's Georgics: "Continuing" the English Virgil?'

10 March
Alastair Fowler
'Stellification in English Renaissance Poetry'

27 April
Jeremy Maule
'Donne and the Past'

12 May
David Womersley
'Why is Falstaff Fat?'

26 May
Kenneth Parker
'Uttering the (Un)utterably Other: English Renaissance Voyagers at the Cape of Good Hope'

2 June
Frank Kermode
'Shakespeare: Disintegration Once Again


23 October
Eric Griffiths
'Timeliness (Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida; Dryden, Troilus and Cressida)'

6 November 
Anne Barton
'Parks and Ardens'

20 November
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4 December
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29 January
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12 February
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26 February
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'"I dote on death": Fractured Marriages in English Renaissance Art and Literature'

11 March
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29 April
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27 May
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24 October
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7 November
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21 November
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5 December
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30 January
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13 February
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27 February
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13 March
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1 May
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29 May
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22 November
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31 January 
John Pitcher

14 February
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28 February
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4 June
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