Queer Cultures

About the research seminar

The seminar is intended to provide an interdisciplinary forum for visiting academics, faculty members, and graduate students across the arts and humanities engaged in the critical discussion of contemporary queer and trans* studies. The sessions endeavour to promote boundary-pushing research in contemporary queer studies, conceived in the broadest terms, within a lively and open culture of participation. Examining the crossing of boundaries, resistance to and transgression of social, sexual and identity norms, the seminar is a space to experiment with ideas and readings, to respond to provocations and to commit to thinking about queer and trans* cultures in a creative and collegial manner. As Susan Stryker’s incites us: “I challenge you to risk abjection and flourish as well as have I.” All welcome.

If you would like to attend our events, please send us an email: culturesqueer@gmail.com 

Information on the Queer Cultures Colloquim can be found here