Twentieth Century and Contemporary Literature

Easter Term 2022

*10th May at 17:00 in the SR24* 'Emotional Men: T. S. Eliot and Bertrand Russell' - Professor David Dwan (University of Oxford)

This paper investigates the emotions of T. S. Eliot and Bertrand Russell – not just the passions they aroused in each other, but the theory of feeling that was expressed in their work and in their reflections about their lives. Eliot’s tortured views of Russell reveal conflicted feelings about feeling in general. Russell, he believed, was an incontinent man in thrall to a mistaken view of the passions. Yet, Eliot was deeply attracted to the emotivism he decried. The object of the paper is to examine the structure and philosophical significance of this ambivalence throughout Eliot’s writing.

David Dwan is Professor of English and Intellectual History at the University of Oxford. His work explores the links between literature and its wider intellectual history - particularly moral and political philosophy - in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He is the author of The Great Community (2008), and Liberty, Equality and Humbug: Orwell's Political Ideals (2018). He has co-edited (with Christpher Insole) The Cambridge Companion to Edmund Burke (2012), and has edited the new edition of Animal Farm for Oxford World's Classics (2021). He is currently completing Important Nonsense: Modernism, Philosophy, Anti-Philosophy.

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