Room Booking T&Cs

Contact: Rosanna Ring (Faculty Receptionist)


Tel: 01223 335070


  • Rooms may be booked by members of the English Faculty free of charge.
  • Rooms may be booked by other departments of the university free of charge, provided the event/lecture/conference does not charge for attendance. Internal bookings that charge attendees will be charged. (please refer to our Room Rates)
  • For affiliated and external groups looking to use English Faculty rooms there will be a charge (please refer to our Room Rates)
  • Rooms can only be booked and confirmed via the English Faculty Receptionist.
  • Bookings made more than a month in advance will be classed as provisional bookings which will need to be confirmed closer to the booking date.
  • Bookings may only be made within normal working hours (Term Time: Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm, Holiday Period: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), unless the booking is made by a member of the English Faculty.
  • The Faculty does NOT offer any catering facilities.
  • The Social Space may be booked in some instances for hosting caterers, provided the caterers used are university approved, and that they set-up/clear away all equipment and rubbish (please refer to the Faculty Catering Policy) The Social Space must be booked separately and a User Policy must be signed before use.

Using the Rooms

  • Those using the rooms are responsible for tidying and removing rubbish after each use, and leaving the room in good condition.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the ground floor lecture spaces.
  • All faculty rooms have a fixed layout. Furniture is not to be moved or removed from the rooms.
  • All AV equipment must be booked in advance, even if it is usually in the room. This is so that we can make alternative arrangements if something is out of order or needed elsewhere.
  • Where a laptop is already provided (Ground Floor rooms) we would prefer you to use those over your own.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to check that any AV facilities required can be provided in the room allocated. There are clear instructions in each room regarding how to use the AV equipment provided.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to set-up any equipment they wish to use prior to the start of the booking. It is a good idea to factor in ‘set-up time’ when making a booking request.
  • White boards should be cleaned after use. Please only use the whiteboard marker pens provided.