ART/MONEY/CRISIS (29-30 April 2016)

ART / MONEY / CRISIS will bring together leading academics from across the humanities, and it will address artistic responses to financial crisis from the beginning of the twentieth century to today, with a particular focus upon the 2008 crash.


Alice Meyer (University of Cambridge)
Claire Wilkinson (University of Cambridge)
Steven Connor (University of Cambridge)


How does art respond to financial crisis?

What can art teach us about the economy?

Can art predict, intuit, or explain the global market?

We are pleased to announce ‘ART / MONEY / CRISIS’, a two-day interdisciplinary conference, to be held at the University of Cambridge in April 2016.

There was nothing new about the economic crisis of 2008-09: capitalist financial markets are inherently turbulent, and cycles of boom and bust have alternated with one another for hundreds of years.  ART / MONEY / CRISIS will bring together theorists and practitioners from across the humanities to question how artistic responses to crisis contribute to our understanding of why economies ‘go wrong’.

The conference will be structured around presentations given by leading critics and artists working in the fields of literature, sociology, visual arts, film, music, and theatre. A series of multi-disciplinary panels, composed of papers given by academics, early career researchers, and graduate students, will complement these talks. Throughout the event, plenty of time will be allocated for discussion so as to foster dialogue and debate amongst participants.

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Confirmed Speakers:

  • Professor Steven Connor (English, University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Peter de Bolla (English, University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Nigel Dodd (Sociology, LSE)
  • Dr Mark Fisher (Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths)
  • Professor Max Haiven (Art History and Critical Studies, Nova Scotia)
  • Professor Leigh Claire La Berge (English, BMCC CUNY)
  • Professor Nicky Marsh (English, Southampton)
  • Professor Christopher Nealon (English, Johns Hopkins)
  • Professor Keston Sutherland (English, University of Sussex)
  • Dr Peter Webb (Sociology, University of Cambridge)
  • Dr Francisco Aix-Gracia (Anthropology, Universidad de Pablo de Olavide)
  • Dr Lucia Sell-Trujillo (Social Psychology, Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Artist and Writer Melanie Gilligan (Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm)
  • Flo6x8
  • Jim Costanzo (Aaron Burr Society, Occupy Museums & Strike Debt)