Dr Edward Wilson-Lee Publishes New book: Shakespeare in Swahililand

Image credit: William Collins

Dr Edward Wilson-Lee’s new book Shakespeare in Swahililand is published on 10 March with HarperCollins.  The launch party takes place at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, also on 10 March.  Shakespeare in Swahililand is the story of a search across eastern and central Africa to recover the extraordinary and unknown story of the part played by Shakespeare’s works in the region’s history.

shakespeare in swahililand
Image credit: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Along the way it is a travelogue, a memoir, a satire, an ode to Shakespeare, and a potted history of a region which combines breathtaking beauty and cultural riches with the heartache of injustice, poverty, and amnesia.  This book has been chosen by ‘The Bookseller’ as one of six ‘top picks’ from books published for the Shakespeare anniversary. It has been reviewed in the Economist and The Independent on Sunday, and is scheduled for reviews in the Literary Review, the New Statesman and the Telegraph.

Further details can be found from Blake Friedmann

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