New Exhibition at Faculty of English – “Reclaiming the Legends: Myth & The Black Arts Movement”

Reclaiming the legends_exhibition

Venue: English Faculty Building, First Floor

Dates: Monday, 16 January – Friday, 17 February

Reclaiming the Legends: Myth & The Black Arts Movement explores the mythical and spiritual dimension of the artistic ethos of the Black Arts Movement (1960s-1975). The display includes a range of material related to anthropology & egyptology, revisionist history, spiritualism & esoterica, poetry, and music. The exhibition aims to put the literature of Amiri Baraka, Ishmael Reed, Sonia Sanchez, Lorenzo Thomas, Bob Kaufman, David Henderson, and Marvin X alongside and in dialogue with the scholarly work of Gerald Massey, George James, and Theodore P. Ford. The two Sun Ra records on display serve as ideal examples of the mythical and the artistic in synthesis. More details regarding the individual items on display can be found on a handout available at the exhibition.

For further information, contact Alex M. Assaly,