Discourses & Dialogues, Post-1750 Graduate Conference, Saturday 21 April 2018, Faculty of English

Literature is dialogue, as every scholar since Bakhtin knows. Yet, for most our work, students of literature keep trudging on safely within our own periods, genres, styles, materials, ideals, and presuppositions. This is of course, partly pragmatic: no one can be an expert in everything. But such considerations do not absolve us of the duty to install moments of breadth and dialogue, that break time frames, look over fences, and bring disparate discourses together, be it in harmony or conflict. That is what this conference aims to provide.

The Discourses & Dialogues conference will be followed by a wine reception/poetry reading in the Judith E. Wilson Studio, to provide further platforms to exchange ideas. Please see our website (https://discoursesdialogues.wordpress.com/) for updates on conference speakers and poets.