Dr Sophie Seita publishes article about feminist forums and magazines (Fall 2018)

Image credit: Provisional Avant-Gardes, Sophie Seita, to be published in July 2019 by Stanford University Press

Dr Sophie Seita has published ‘The Politics of the Forum in Feminist Avant-Garde Magazines After 1980‘ in the Journal of Modern Literature, 42.1 (Fall 2018), pp. 163-182.


Dissatisfied with the exclusion of women from preceding avant-gardes, the overlapping communities that formed around the feminist avant-garde magazines Chain, Raddle Moon, HOW(ever), and HOW2 attempted to forge alternative modes of connection and avant-garde identities. Feminist avant-garde magazines instantiated a “politics of the forum”, an editorial and poetic pedagogy based on hospitality and non-hierarchical dialogue. Sometimes this implicit politics was made explicit in so-called magazine “forums”, in which poets could recast their feminist avant-garde identity, represent a diversity of voices, and overcome the usual distinction between identity and theory within avant-garde discourse. In their critique of previous models of avant-gardism by way of little magazines, feminist avant-garde writers after 1980 invite us to rethink the conventional canonization of avant-garde groups and of “modernist magazines”, and to ask what is at stake in a more hospitable model of avant-gardism for the present day.

The article is part of a larger project on little magazines, which will appear as a monograph with Stanford University Press in July 2019 under the title Provisional Avant-Gardes.