‘W. S. Graham 1918-2018: A Centenary Symposium’, Faculty of English, GR06/07, Friday 11 January 2019

Image credit: image by Sally Fear, Camera Press

Ever wondered whether W. S. Graham liked to draw? Or what he made of flying? Or what kinds of spaces – real and imagined – are opened up by his tricky poetry? Come along on Friday to hear a group of people asking and answering these questions – and some others – as we celebrate the centenary of the poet’s birth.

PANEL 1 (10-11.15am)

‘Aerial Graham’ (Abbie Garrington, Durham University; David Trotter, University of Cambridge)

‘W. S. Graham and Prunella Clough’ (Leo Mellor, University of Cambridge)

PANEL 2 (11.45-1pm)

‘Acting Out in Graham’ (Beci Carver, University of Exeter)

‘W. S. Graham’s “Automatic Drawings”’ (David Nowell Smith, University of East Anglia)

PANEL 3 (2-3.15pm)

‘W. S. Graham in Denise Riley: Elegies of Isolation’ (Sophie Read, University of Cambridge)

‘“Dammit these words are making faces”’ (Rosa van Hensbergen, University of Cambridge)

PANEL 4 (3.45-5pm)

‘Fathers, Men, and Distance in W. S. Graham’ (Rebecca Barr, NUI Galway)

‘Reproducing Graham(s)’ (Jack Barron, University of Cambridge)

For more information, please contact: Dr Edward Allen (ejfa2@cam.ac.uk)