Dr Sarah Dillon to Chair Expert Group on Narratives of Artificial Intelligence at the Global AI Governance Forum at the World Government Summit, Dubai

On 10th February, Dr Sarah Dillon will chair the Expert Group on ‘AI Narratives: Underrepresented Narratives’ at the second Global A.I. Governance Forum, hosted at the World Government Summit in Dubai. In recognition of the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence technology and its implications for humanity, the aim of the Roundtable is to facilitate dynamic policy recommendations in order to create an aligned Global Strategy for the Governance of AI. The work of the AI Narratives project at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, of which Dr Dillon is co-PI, has contributed to ensuring that attention to how AI is perceived and portrayed, in fictional and non-fictional narratives, and across different cultures, is an important part of global discussion and policy-making.

The Expert Group will be addressing some of the following questions:

●  In what ways does technology influence narratives, and narratives influence technology?

●  How are narratives nested in geopolitical, economic, and political relationships?

●  Are negative narratives of AI a concern? Why?

●  What can we learn about underlying values or fears that are portrayed in popular stories projecting our technological futures?

●  What are some underrepresented narratives of AI across people, cultures, geographies, and time, and how can we bring those to greater attention within the public sphere?