Research Staff


NameCollege/InstitutionEmail (if available)
00 Dr Joseph Ashmore Gonville and Caius
01 Dr Kanta Dihal Sidney Sussex
02 Dr Hunter Dukes Peterhouse
03 Dr Marcel Elias St Catharine's
04 Dr Alexander Freer Trinity
05 Dr Kristin Grogan St Catharine's
06 Dr Diarmuid Hester Faculty of English
07 Dr Joseph Hone Magdalene
08 Dr Joe Jarrett Magdalene
09 Dr Laura Kilbride Peterhouse
10 Dr Alison Knight CRASSH
11 Dr Micha Lazarus Trinity
12 Dr Kirsten Macfarlane Trinity
13 Dr Josie O'Donoghue Clare
14 Dr George Oppitz-Trotman Faculty of English
15 Prof James Raven Magdalene
16 Dr Lotte Reinbold Selwyn
17 Dr Sophie Seita Queens'
18 Dr Carla Suthren Faculty of English
19 Dr Camilla Temple Faculty of English
20 Dr Claudia Tobin Jesus
21 Dr Clare Walker Gore Trinity
22 Dr David Winters Fitzwilliam
23 Dr Alex Wong St John's
24 Dr Alison Wood CRASSH