I’m in the early stages of preparing to write a new introduction for Romeo and Juliet in the New Cambridge Shakespeare series (Cambridge University Press). I’m planning to write about the play every day in 2018, a few lines at a time. I will also be posting links to other resources, especially reviews and other material relating to productions of the play in 2018.

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  1. Dear Hester,

    I want to thank you also for your posts. Your perspective has allowed me to expand my explanations of the text to my students in Australia. Not sure if you’ll check up on this but know you’ve made an English teacher very happy!


    1. Hi Clayton – a really slow reply – your comment ended up in a sea of spam… hearing from teachers always makes me happy; I’m so pleased you’ve found this useful!

    1. You mean why did I write about it every day for almost a year?! I was partly starting work on a new introduction to an edition – which has just been published this week here – also I like it a lot, and I know that it’s often studied at school – so I was thinking about teachers and students a lot when I was writing.

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