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Seminars will take place on Thursdays in S-R24 at 4.30. If you wish to attend any of these seminars please register in advance with one of the convenors.

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Izaak Bosman -

Katerina Psilopoulou -

Lent Term 2022

27th January
- Dr. Patricia Malone (University of Edinburgh); “Reality Hunger: Image and Appetite in the Fiction of the Attention Economy” [Zoom, 16:30-18:00]

10th February - Dr. Janine Bradbury (University of York); “The Revenant Mulatta: Passing in the Post-Civil Rights Era” [Zoom, 16:30-18:00]

24th February -Dr. Michael Kalisch (University of Oxford); “Breaking Into Laughter: Eleanor Clark, Ralph Ellison, and the Midcentury Novel” [In-person, 16:30-18:00]

10th March - MPhil Workshop (TBD Zoom or in-person)

Michaelmas Term 2021

14th October – Introductory session

28th October – Dr. Michael Collins, Kings College London - A Buzzing Imitation of Human Speech: Race, Sound, and H.P. Lovecraft's Anxious Aesthetics

11th November – Dr. Doran Larson, Hamilton College, NY (Zoom) - Inside Knowledge: The Lessons Prisons Teach

25th November – Dr. Maisha L. Wester, University of Sheffield - "You Already Dead": Social Death and White Monstrosity in 21st Century African American Gothic

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