Drama and Performance


This term we will have a combination of in-person and online events. Information for each seminar will be circulated via email a week before the event, with details on how to book a place in the seminar.


Jonathan McAllister (jdm207@cam.ac.uk)
Mert Dilek (md795@cam.ac.uk)
Milo Harries (meh57@cam.ac.uk)


20th October, 5pm (zoom): Dr. Bess Rowen, Villanova University, PA. – '"I Am the Narrator of the Play": Narration, Spoken Stage Directions, and Embodiment'.

4th November, 10am (zoom): David Finnigan, Theatre-maker - 'Does someone deserve to die for this? Theatre, climate and global change'.

17th November, 2pm (in-person): Dr. Gemma Edwards, University of Manchester – ‘Civic Theatres: A Place for Towns’