18th Century and Romantic Literature


The Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies Seminar is a research forum for those interested in the literature and culture of the period 1660 to 1830. It welcomes postgraduate students and teaching and research staff both from around Cambridge University (be that the English Faculty or other departments) and from beyond. Students and academics of all kinds, from postdoctoral researchers to professors, present papers for round-table discussion over drinks.


Thomas Rowlandson, The Exhibition Viewing (Fitzwilliam Museum)

Seminars take place in the English Faculty at 5pm. For links to hybrid sessions on Teams please email the convenors at 18cRcambridge@gmail.com

Thursday 19 October - Faculty Boardroom and Teams
DR EMILY ROHRBACH (Durham University)
‘Romantic Biopolitics, Ignatius Sancho to William Hazlitt’

Thursday 2 November - Faculty Boardroom and Teams
DR ERIN FORBES (University of Bristol)
Title to be confirmed

Thursday 16 November - Faculty Boardroom and Teams
PROF TIM FULFORD (De Montfort University)
‘The Sons and Daughters of the Lunar Society, or, The Midlands Enlightenment and the Genesis of Romanticism’

Thursday 23 November - Faculty Boardroom and Teams
PROF JANINE BARCHAS (University of Texas at Austin)
‘“Lent to Copy”: Art Rentals in the Age of Jane Austen’ (A joint session with the Centre for Material Texts)

If you attend the seminar, but are uncertain about attending follow-on social activities, please approach the chair, who will be happy to walk with you to any post-seminar venue, and to introduce you to other members of the seminar. Convenors: Rebecca Anne Barr, Phil Connell, Claire Wilkinson Twitter: @18cR_Cambridge