Permutation, Being, Flux – Sunday 9th June 2019

Permutation, Being, Flux

9 June, 2019 

6:00 – 7:00 PM

Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio  

Faculty of English  West Road  Cambridge  CB3 9DP


This event is a participatory experimental music installation led by composer Jorge Gomez Abrante. The audience are invited to explore the installation and interpret scores from experimental composers such as Carla Cao, Jorge Gomez, Sophie Seita, Robert Blatt, and Jason Thomas. The themes of the compositions revolve around chance, permutations, imagined sound events, and reading as performance.

Jorge Gomez Abrante is a composer and co-founder of Miami-based Inlets Foundation for Experimental Practices. His artistic practice is concerned with list-making, autonomous objects, and scores that require imaginary realizations.