Re – As an Embodied Practice (Workshop) – 23 January 2019

‘Re – As an Embodied Practice (Workshop)

23 January 2019, 16:00 – 18:00 ~ Judith E. Wilson Studio, Faculty of English, 9 West Road

Sophie Seita (Cambridge/New York)
Peter McMurray (Ethnomusicologist, Saxophonist, and Media Artist. Music, Cambridge)
Claudia Tobin (Leverhulme Fellow, and curator at the Royal Drawing School. Art History, English, Cambridge)
Emma Attwood (Theatremaker and Performer. Playwright, Director), whose cross-disciplinary work explores the intersections between live and video performance.
Chana Morgenstern (Prose Writer and Lecturer in Postcolonial Literature, English Faculty, Cambridge).



Artist and academic Sophie Seita (Cambridge, New York) will lead a research-driven creative practice workshop about repetition, community, and the concept of remaking or re-staging. Practical exercises using voice, movement, and text, drawing on the singing method from the Lichtenberg Institute for Applied Physiology of the Voice, Feldenkrais, and 5Rhythms, will be followed by a roundtable discussion about participants’ experiences of practice-based research, and the challenges of integrating scholarship, creative practice, pedagogy, and politics.
Seita works with text on the page, performance and video, often using translation or in multi-media collaborations, with a commitment to queer-feminist politics.
McMurray will lead participants in one of Oliveros’s ‘sonic meditations’.