Middle English Graduate Seminar (Lent 2016)

The Middle English Graduate Seminar will meet in the Board Room at the English Faculty, University of Cambridge (9 West Road) on alternate Wednesdays throughout Lent term. Papers begin promptly at 5.15, followed by drinks and questions. Biscuits will be available in the Board Room from 4.45p.m., so please bring along a mug of tea and catch up with fellow medievalists. After the paper all are welcome to join the speaker for dinner in a nearby restaurant. For any enquiries beforehand, please contact Alex da Costa (ad666@cam.ac.uk).

Among this term’s seminars, the following examine medieval handwritten cultures:

20 JanuaryAditi Nafde (University of Newcastle): ‘From Print to Manuscript’

2 MarchSebastian Sobecki (University of Groningen): ‘The Southwark Connection: Gower, Chaucer, and the Writing of The Canterbury Tales’ 

Full schedule available here.