TEACHING THE CODEX 2: further thoughts on the pedagogy of palaeography and codicology.


The colloquium will take place on Saturday, 6th May 2017 at Merton College, Oxford.

Morning and afternoon sessions will each consist of two panels running concurrently on particular topics (1.5 hrs) followed by a plenary session (1 hr) in which members of the two panels will report and comment on the panel session to all of the delegates, and facilitate further discussion.  The hope is that by dividing the delegates into smaller groups than at the last meeting of Teaching the Codex more focused conversations will be generated.

The registration fee is £10:–, covering attendance, lunch, and refreshments.  To register please follow this link to the Oxford University Stores:


The topics under discussion and our speakers are as follows:

(a)    Continental and Anglophone approaches to teaching palaeography and codicology

  • Irene Ceccherini (Oxford) (chair)
  • Marigold Norbye (UCL)
  • Daniel Sawyer (Oxford)
  • Raphaële Mouren (Warburg)

(b)   Pedagogical approaches to musical manuscripts

  • Henry Hope (Bern) (chair)
  • Margaret Bent (Oxford)
  • Eleanor Giraud (Limerick)
  • Christian Leitmeir (Oxford)

(c)    Approaches to teaching art history and manuscript studies

  • Emily Guerry (Kent) (chair)
  • Kathryn Rudy (St Andrews)
  • Spike Bucklow (Cambridge)
  • Emily Savage (St Andrews)

(d)   Taking palaeography further: using manuscripts to engage in outreach with schools and the general public

  • Pauline Souleau (Oxford) (chair)
  • Gustav Zamore (Oxford)
  • Anna Boeles Rowland (Oxford)
  • Sarah Laseke (Leiden)

Closing remarks: Teresa Webber (Cambridge)

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Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: teachingthecodex@gmail.com

We very much look forward to seeing many of you there.