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Details of this term’s research seminar programme:

4 s, weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8, Thur. 4.30pm, English Faculty Board Room

(except note the change of venue and time for the first seminar)


14th October, 5.15 pm: GR.05:

DAVID TROTTER (University of Cambridge):

Come-Hither Looks: From Hollywood Vamping to the Digital Facial Image

(joint seminar with Film and Screen Studies Research Seminar)


29th October, 4.30pm:

NANCY BENTLEY (University of Pennsylvania):

Kinship Politics: Jewett, Zitkala-Sa and Literary Clans


12th November, 4.30pm:

ADAM KELLY (University of York):

Sincerity, Discipline, and Good Posture: David Foster Wallace at Mid-Career


26th November, 4.30pm:

JANE ELLIOTT (Kings College London):

The Microeconomic Mode: Gone Girl, Sovereignty and the Ticking Time-Bomb


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